• Expanding undergraduates' knowledge of the business world through experiential learning
  • Giving students the key to unlock their future potential through international and domestic internships

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Who We Are

The global teams at Global Academic Ventures, also known as the Academic Internship Institutes of Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand, are committed to providing the highest quality of academic programs to enhance each student’s experiential learning opportunities. With a permanent local presence in 4 countries and seasonal presences in more, the company has been pioneering new education programs to appeal to the new generation of study abroad student. Global Academic Ventures' flexible approach while working with new and existing university partners creates a creative melting pot for new program development, that keeps our customers at the forefront of academic programing and the students one step ahead of their peers.

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Global Locations

Global Academic Ventures' academic programs are focussed in Asia Pacific. To be able to offer high quality programs to our university partners, students and companies, we are also based in Asia Pacific. This makes us easily accessible for companies based in Asia Pacific, and “in the right place at the right time” to manage the delicate intricacies of university programs in this part of the world.



Sydney, Australia is home to our global program management team and our company headquarters. All Australia and New Zealand internships are managed from Sydney.



Chicago, USA is home to our campus relations team and US internships team, the first point of contact for students coming on our programs and our student information hub in general.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Wanchai, Hong Kong is home to our mainland China programs and Hong Kong internship team. Hong Kong is also our second oldest office.



Downtown Singapore is home to our Singapore internship team and is the newest Global Academic Ventures office to be established to manage demand for local Singapore programs.


Experiencing an internship from a student's or a company's perspective.

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Thinking Of Hosting A Student?

Why do students intern?

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In country experiences

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