Our Team

Global Academic Ventures is currently hiring in Hong Kong. If you are interested in a career within international education, please contact Mengxi Liu in our Hong Kong office.

Sydney Head Office

Stephen Pattillo

Founder & CEO

Email: stephen@globalacademicventures.com

Stephen has over 20 years of experience in the field of international programming, working with both academic programs for universities and executive trade and economic development missions.


Natasha Ager


Email: natasha@globalacademicventures.com

Natasha has been with the company for about 10 years, a significant portion of that time was spent organising programs in Asia Pacific. Natasha now focuses on global risk management, compliance and company expansion.

Erin Snape

Head of International Partnerships

Email: erin@globalacademicventures.com

Erin has 10 years of experience in International Education, particularly focussed on outbound students from the US. She oversees all University partnerships, as well as programming globally.


Andrew Robertson

Legal Counsel

Email: legal@globalacademicventures.com

Andrew’s legal experience has included roles as General Counsel of Carnival Australia and as Head of Business Affairs for a “Big Four” accounting firm in Australia.


Caitlin O'Connor

International Partnerships Coordinator

Email: caitlin@globalacademicventures.com

Caitlin coordinates university outreach and program awareness programs in the US, and also supports our Australian programs in country.


Kristie Holmes

Manager, Customised Programs

Email: kristie@globalacademicventures.com

Kristie manages all January, interim and maymester faculty led programs. Kristie is also the RA on our Ireland internship program.

Tim Kelly

Head of Student Services

Email: tim@globalacademicventures.com

Tim has worked with cultural immersion programs for around 20 years, and oversees program enhancement and cultural development in Asia Pacific.


Cassandra Kibble

Operations Coordinator

Email: cassandra@globalacademicventures.com

Cassy coordinates cultural immersion programs in Oceania, and is an RA for our Australian internship programs. Cassy also manages our Singapore internships.

Mio Tatsunuma

International Program Coordinator

Email: mio@globalacademicventures.com

Mio coordinates undergraduate and graduate programs to Japan, is a Residential Advisor for our Australian internship programs and Australian semester programs.





US Office

Jenny Liechti

Head of US Office and Campus Relations

Email: jenny@globalacademicventures.com

Campus Relations across the US.


Stephanie Kliber

Senior Campus Relations Coordinator

Email: stephanie@globalacademicventures.com

Campus Relations Mi-West.

Karolina Wolnicki

Campus Relations Coordinator


Campus Relations East Coast


Sarah Plummer

Senior Campus Relations Coordinator

Email: sarah@globalacademicventures.com

Campus Relations East Coast.


Hong Kong Office

Mengxi Liu

Manager, Hong Kong/Greater China

Email: mengxi@globalacademicventures.com

Mengxi manages company relations in Hong Kong and the Peoples’ Republic of China, including program outreach, marketing and new program development.


Harmony Lai

International Program Coordinator

Email: harmony@globalacademicventures.com

Harmony acts as a Residential Advisor in Hong Kong for all internship and semester programs. She is also the first point of contact for students in Hong Kong.


New Zealand Office

Beau Ushay

Australia New Zealand Senior Advisor

Email: beau@globalacademicventures.com

Beau advises on program opportunities in both Australia and New Zealand.


Kelsey Jashinsky

Australia New Zealand Internships Coordinator

Email: kelsey@globalacademicventures.com

Kelsey coordinates our undergrauate and graduate student internships in Australia and New Zealand.


Singapore Office

Chai Lyn Tan

Singapore Program Coordinator

Email: chailyn@globalacademicventures.com

Chai Lyn manages all student services for programs visiting Singapore, including internship programs, semester programs and short courses.