What we do

Internship and Study Semester in Asia Pacific Semester Program (ISSAP)

Customised semester programs incorporating classes, internships, study tours and often in more than one location.

Starting in February, 2018, Universities will have the option of providing academic credit for the ISSAP program from their home institution or from another accrediting instituion.  Through an ISSAP program, a university can now offer their business school students the opportunity to travel overseas to immerse themselves in a new business culture, or market, for a complete semester.

ISSAP programs are entirely customised by the university.  The modern day student is keen to grow their understanding of the global business world through real world experiences. An ISSAP program can take them to a country where they are able to study the business sphere of that country, including meeting with local companies or consulting with local companies, before travelling to another location to compare business management techniques in the two locations. Students also have the opportunity to complete an internship, depending on what would be most advantageous to their career and area of study.

Internship Programs

Career experience for undergraduate students in Australia.

Aside from graduating with an undergraduate degree, the next most important area of a student’s resume, is work experience. This allows a student to put their classroom knowledge into practise in a real world business environment, and should assist students in finding a job on graduation.

Internship programs in all locations run during the US Summer, commencing around May or June.  Students are able to select where to undertake their summer internship experience, however the ultimate placement within a local company depends on the student’s skills, previous experience, studies and the company’s preference.

Students are expected to intern for a minimum period of 8 weeks, full time, for a company’s normal business hours. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in company meetings, client meetings, networking events and out of hours corporate events. An internship experience is designed to help each student expand their understanding of their chosen career field.

Summer in Oceania

Customised summer programs combining intensive classes followed by an internship.

Summer break is a very important time for rising Juniors, and increasingly, rising Sophomores. With an increasingly competitive internship market, how does a student make their resume stand out from the crowd?

Combine class and internship in Australia to allow each student to gain global experience and understanding, in one of the world’s fastest economically developing regions. All classes are taught by carefully selected Australian faculty, allowing the course to focus in depth on the local market or business sphere. With proper articulation, this experience allows students to maximise the potential of their summer break, to truly enhance their resume with an overseas experience in their field of interest, thereby expanding their future internship or career opportunities. All summer programs are customised to university guidelines and typically return to the USA 1-2 weeks before classes commence.

Cultural Immersion Experiences

Experience the country and people surrounding you in each country you visit, or even visit a new country to immerse yourself in another new culture.

Understanding your target market is a key skill for all business school, and non-business school, graduating students. Putting the knowledge learned in a classroom into practise, by stepping truly outside your comfort zone, is key to each student’s success in their career; and in life.

All Global Academic Ventures' programs are rich in cultural immersion and development, allowing all students to form a well rounded picture of the local, social and economic sphere surrounding their university program. Students are strongly encouraged to interact with locals within their field of study, and further afield. For some students this is an easy step, and for others this may require more guidance. There is no right or wrong. Our in-country team will support each student as much, or as little, as is required, to help them engage with their local culture and environment.

Our in-country teams also organise additional cultural immersion days, weekend programs and week-long study tours, where students can participate during their university program. (None of our cultural immersion experiences require students to miss days from their university program). Additional cultural immersion programs are at an additional cost and details of these will be given to students before arrival in country.

Faculty Led Short Courses

Lead a group of students overseas to focus on a particular topic, or combination of topics.

Faculty led short courses were the original overseas university programs offered by Global Academic Ventures, and have since proven to be particularly popular with students travelling during semester breaks, such as a winter interim, a maymester, or a spring break trip. Winterim programs are particularly popular for US universities, where students seem quite keen to leave the snow behind for the southern hemisphere summer.

Most programs focus on business, with the emphasis on experiential learning rather than class based learning. However, classroom time is included to help students maximise the potential of their in-country experience.

Due to the complexity of most faculty led short courses, faculty interested in leading a group of students should contact us to discuss your program, so that we can offer feedback from our extensive experience on leading groups overseas through this type of program.